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Happy customers.

Matthew Strank

“I’ve been to a few chiropractors over the years but James is above and beyond anything i have experienced.

I first came to James with severe headaches that completely halted my training, from one session he had assessed the damaged area and got me back into training the same week.

In the following sessions i asked James to look at my calves, i had been suffered for months with severe muscle pain after and form of running or jumping and even in some heavy lifting sessions. He told me that my glutes were to blame for this, not my calves like i had thought so with some rehab treatment and deep massages my calves are back to normal no pain when i run or jump, so without treating the area James has fixed it and that is a testament to what this man can do.

I would advise anyone with an injury or a problem to see him and if you stick to his rehab and guidance you will get the same results i did.

Top class Mate Bring on the Gains!!!”


Ben Chapman

“I’ve been visiting James for about 6 months now with shoulder and calf issues, which was a big restriction on my training to join the army. However, after my sessions with James I have much more mobility and strength in my shoulder, which also helps with injury prevention. I would often struggle on longer runs with my calf causing me discomfort during and after the run. But it has pretty quickly gone away through only a few sessions working on it. As a result I came top of my army selection recently thanks to the work James has done for me. He is very welcoming and flexible with appointments. He is also very clear with his information about what he is doing and what the problem is aswell as methods to prevent reoccurring issues in the future. Highly recommend.”


Robert Bridgens

“James has been a great help getting me back to fitness. After a horrible back injury that left me unable to stand upright and with difficulty walking in March, James managed to get be back to “normal” in only a few sessions. Now in May of the same year I have placed 2nd in my first cycling race of the year. I couldn’t have dreamed of even competing 6 weeks before the event. Im now moving with minimal pain that I hope will be gone with a few more sessions, but most importantly im training and riding without issue. James is very polite and patient, and I never feel like im being rushed into more sessions for no reason. If anything I was asking to see him more often than he was planning purely because of my competition schedule. Highly recommended.”


Robert Langley

“James is great. I had been suffering from lower back pain that kept getting worse. As a keen cyclist it started effecting my riding and after one 6 hour race in particular my back was the worst it had ever been. I had to lay on the floor for 45min afterwards as I was in so my pain. 

Even after the first visit to James there was a vast improvement, and every session since it just gets better and better. Now 9 times out of 10 I can ride all day without any issues at all. 

If you do the stretches he tells you, you will feel the benefits. 

My back feels so much better now, wish I saw him years ago!!”


Phil Graveson

“I came to James towards the middle of 2017 having been plagued with terrible back pain and poor flexibility for more than a decade.

My initial assessment with James, at a time when my back had seized and I was feeling terrible sharp pains if I tried to lengthen or bend my spine, was incredibly thorough, and hugely helpful in, at least initially, freeing me up and enabling me to carry out day to day life.

Since then, weekly and then monthly rehabilitation visits have worked wonders towards strengthening, and stretching out my back, hamstrings and calves. Working with my Personal Trainer, James has come up with some fantastic conditioning and strengthening programs at the gym and has got me, in little less than 6 months, back to a physical state that I haven’t been in for many many years.

I feel stronger no longer have that fear of bending and lifting that I once had and am finally excited about what I might be capable of physically.

James is committed, so approachable, and clearly highly scientifically knowledgeable in his craft and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I just wished I’d gone to him sooner.”


Phillip Edmonds

“I visited James as I had lower back pain which I had been suffering with for a number of years. Even after the first treatment I noticed an improvement and now a few treatments later the issue is almost fully solved.

James is very friendly and approachable and you can tell he knows what he’s talking about. Having visited a couple of other practitioners who seemed to make the problem worse,

James is a breath of fresh air. So much so my father is now visiting to cure his frozen shoulder issue. If you have any problems, James will solve them!”


Steven Kennaird

I started seeing James after having a back issue which had built up over time, leading to me not being able to stand up and walk without pain, so I was mostly moving about on all fours.

After my first session with James, my back was a lot better, and he has helped me avoid similar issues ever since. My back is now better than ever. I see him 3 or 4 times per year now, to keep everything in good shape, and that’s money well spent.

I highly recommend James, he’s exceeded my expectations and is a nice guy as well, I always feel comfortable and at ease in our appointments.


Rob TestimonialRob Donald

“I was diagnosed with golfers elbow in both arms, pain was severe and constantly ached/hurt especially after exercise. After a few sessions we have worked on reducing the pain which has progressed very well, 90% back to normal and still improving. Totally recommend seeing James.”


gosia-testimonialGosia Mazhandu Msichili

“I HAVE to recommend James Burgess to everyone. I had pain in my hands for over two years and no doctors and test were able to identify the source of it. I was getting so frustrated with all the tests. Nothing helped until I saw James. After just 3 sessions the pain was gone and my nightmare was over! It’s so rare to find a physician so focused on honest and quality care for their patients. I promise you will not be disappointed with your visit to his clinic.”


Illman TestimonialHannah Illman

“James has helped me with a niggle in my shoulder which I had for years. Between stretches, massage, manipulation, and some acupuncture I feel good as new. I can now train pain free! I can’t recommend him enough!!”


louise-testimonialLouise Watts

“I had tried everything for my chronic (6-7 years) and crippling daily tension headaches. I went to see James as a last resort… if only I’d seen him first! Only a couple of months down the line and I am back to kayaking, weight lifting, cycling, and high intensity cardio sessions. James’ input has been invaluable, and he has taught me how to manage my symptoms at home and how to prevent the headaches from occurring. Not only that but he’s one of the nicest and most accommodating people I’ve ever met. Wish I’d discovered chiropractic services 7 years ago! Thanks to him I’m now heading up to Anglesey for a week of sea kayaking and not fearing 7 days of awful headaches. Thanks James!”


rachael-testimonialRachel Kury

“I tweaked my forearm in January and obviously ignored it! Adapted my workouts, but the pain was getting worse and shooting into my bicep when I was working (using a computer mouse) so I eventually gave James a call and booked myself in for an assessment in April. Thank goodness I did as he immediately set to work with massage and acupuncture and within just 2 sessions I noted a significant improvement. Wish I hadn’t left it for so long!!!!”


nicola-testimonialNicola Robinson

“I was recommended to see James by a friend as I had been suffering a lot of shoulder pain and restricted movement. He pretty much diagnosed the problem straight away (my Surgery Physio hadn’t). Started treating me for a frozen shoulder, the improvement was very amazing! Very quickly I regained movement again little by little and virtually pain free. I’d recommend him to anyone!!!”


Kate Mather

“Today is a good day! During one week I’ve accomplished 2 rxs at cross fit- big surprise not only to me but to the coach as well (he had to ask me to repeat my score twice!) This would never of been possible without James the Chiro as my fitness levels have always been dominated by bouts of an impingement in my hips; aggravated by repetitive movements such as running and squatting. The pain of tissue being squeezed between bone makes sleeping, sitting, and walking very difficult and strenuous. The treatment was solely periods of traction, massage, rest and medication. After several visits, to James ( and a few compromising positions) I am now pain free , with a better range of moment, the ability to increase my weights and improve on my technique! I can now proudly squat 60kilo when previously I could only lift a plastic pipe due to pain. I’m so relieved that I can exercise confidently and hand my body’s wellbeing over to James. Resultantly I am now mentally stronger, fitter and have a body which won’t let me down, big up James!


Burgess Chiropractic Ltd

“Fostering a firm belief that ‘injury prevention’ is the way forward.”


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